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We are an institution dedicated to providing specialized care services in the area of health and spa. We specialize in Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and our patients recommend us nationally and internationally.

Us vision and mission is to be the leader in medicine Dominican institution, providing the best innovations in the field of cosmetic and plastic reconstructive surgery, highlighting the prestige and accreditation nationally and internationally, giving our customers a complete and specialized coverage needs with the highest professional standards and the latest technology.


Avenue Pedro Henriquez Ureña the No-137 Section Esperilla- Tels: 809-331-5050 Ext 501/ 809-565-6173. Cell Dr: 809-707-2325. Online free of charge: 954-678-6350. N-Fax 809-412-7758.

Building CIPLA (International center for advanced plastic Surgery) 5th Floor office. 501.

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